About Us

catalyzing innovation

We're a trailblazing, client-centric startup with unwavering commitment.

Born out of a shared vision to redefine the software development paradigm and founded by a group of visionary technologists and entrepreneurs, the company believes that the most impactful software solutions are those that emerge from a seamless collaboration between developers and clients.

fostering synergy

Engaging clients as active partners to form a unified team

Through intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions, and iterative feedback loops, eWiz and its clients coalesce into a unified team, pooling their expertise and insights to define product goals, features, and functionalities.

meet Unique needs of each client
fuel Long Term growth & innovation
align Precisely with the client's vision
excel Beyond conventional boundaries
enduring partnerships

Commitment to extend collaboration beyond project completion

The company’s emphasis on fostering enduring partnerships ensures that clients continue to receive support, updates, and enhancements long after the initial deployment. As business landscapes evolve, eWiz stands ready to adapt solutions, enabling clients to maintain their competitive edge and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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Sonal Joshi
Sonal Joshi
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Thomas Hallin
Chief Marketing Officer
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Rakesh Mopidevi