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‘Call for Presentations' Platform

Elevate Your Event: Empower Speakers, Enrich Audiences!

Why us?

eWiz's 'Call for Presentation' platform enhances quality of the event increases transparency promotes fairness ensures standardization

Centralized Management

Organized & easily accessible process

Streamlined Reviewing

Efficient review, rate & rank of proposals

Increased Efficiency

Save significant amount of time & effort

Enhanced Communication

Facilitate seamless collaboration


Ultimate platform for unleashing conference excellence

Get ready to experience the transformative tool for event organizers and presenters alike. Seamlessly manage presentation proposals, streamline reviewing process, and offer user-friendly interface to presenters.

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Event-Specific Customization
Tailor submission forms and criteria to align with the theme and objectives of the event
Enhanced Review & Rating System
Expedite the selection process via streamlined and efficient evaluation of the proposals
Easy Submission Process
Intuitive interface for presenters to submit their proposals, track the progress and provide essential details
User Friendly Dashboards
Personalized dashboards for the organizers and presenters to manage, monitor, communicate and receive updates
User Roles

Role based access for a flawless execution

One Organizer, One Review Committee & The Presenters:

Endless Conference Impact

Create a new event

Form the committee
Expertly manage presentations schedule
Communicate session details
Review Committee
Steers the conference to success
Committee Chair
Track Chair
Submit quality ideas or edit existing submissions
Presenter dashboard for details at a glance
Upload & store presentation files and handouts
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